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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my photos be delivered?

Your photos are packaged in a zip file and uploaded to our Dropbox server. A download link is then emailed to you by our production team.

It is necessary to compress your images into a zip file because of their large size. Email servers limit the number of photos we can send in a single message, and Dropbox automatically zips up all folders to keep download speeds manageable. Read more about how to extract ("unzip") zip files here.

How do I download my photos?

Just follow the link in the email we send you. You’ll be taken to our Dropbox page to download a zip file containing your images. The download should initialize automatically. Because Dropbox looks different depending on your platform, we recommend checking out their official FAQ page for additional information and support.

How long will my download link be active?

Your unique link will remain active for 30 days. If, after this period, you still require access to a file, a $25 recovery fee will be charged for the retrieval of your photos from our archive.

Why haven’t I received my photos?

Check your junk mail! We send your images from the email address delivery@imageartsphoto.com. Sometimes unfamiliar addresses get stuck in the junk mail folder. If you still can't find an email, contact us!

I have a problem with my photos. Can they be fixed?

Probably! We want you to be completely satisfied, so let us know what the problem is and we will do everything we can to address it for you.

Can I request a specific photographer or production artist?

Yes, you can. We cannot guarantee availability on any given day, but will work with you to try to accommodate your request.

Can I view my photos on my iPhone?

Not by default. You can download a third party app like WinZip for iOS free from the App Store, which will allow you to unzip the file on your phone.

How do I place an order?

Just head over to our Contact page and send us your details. Our schedulers will be in touch soon to schedule your appointment(s).

You may also want to check out our Additional Services page for a complete list of prices, fees, and terms of service.

Are there any additional fees?

There are three possible additional fees:

Trip Fee: $50. Applies if the photographer showed up to the property and it wasn’t ready to be photographed, or if the photographer was already en route to the shoot when you cancelled. 

If a mileage trip fee was also applied, then both the mileage trip fee and home not ready trip fee will apply. 

Mileage Trip Fee: $25 per 15 minutes of travel outside of our general territory. You will always be notified when booking appointments if this fee applies to you.

Additional Trip Fee: Applies to ferry fees, tolls, etc. Fee is calculated based on what costs were incurred to get to the property location.

If you are unsure whether a fee might apply to your order, please contact us.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Thanks for asking! Here are some tips to make your appointment go smoothly:

- Open all blinds and curtains, exposing the entire window. 

- Turn on anything with a light bulb, interior and exterior. 

- Close all windows and exterior doors. 

- Remove or hide clutter and personal objects (i.e. mail, toys, dog beds,  toothbrushes, cosmetics, extra shoes, etc).